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"It's lovely to see that people who live here care"

“The work that Edible High Town’s been doing has massively helped my perception of my local environment in High Town. I’m not from the UK. Sometimes, the litter and neglect I see here are so bad that I get really depressed about living here. I saw their Edible High Town gardens pop up all over High Town, on Burr Street, Edward Street, even the spring bulbs on the corner of Cobden Street. They’re a ray of hope, and it’s lovely to see that people who live here care enough to do things. It makes me feel a lot better about living here."

"It gives me a sense of purpose"

“​​I recently lost my job, I was feeling quite low. Seeing the advert for the edible garden volunteers, lifted my spirits - literally! I attended and loved it. The organisers are very welcoming and I found it gave me a sense of purpose, something to get up for. Plus, I can visualise how my efforts will benefit others. I have lived in the neighbourhood for 13 years and met more High Town locals in one day than I have over that entire period. I hope to be part of this group even after I start working again.”

"Gardening's been a lifeline during the pandemic"

"I took part in volunteering sessions and grew sunflowers from seeds they gave me. Gardening’s been a lifeline during Covid-19, as volunteering sessions kept on going during most of the pandemic.”

"The sunflowers put a smile on my face"

"Every day when I walk back tired from work the sunflowers on Burr Street put a smile on my face."

"Relaxation at a difficult time"

"The Qigong exercises in the Peace Garden helped me find relaxation and calm while I was going through a difficult time with my family."

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