Peace Garden

Peace Garden

Access from the footpath between High Town Road and Wenlock Street next to 48 High Town Road (Methodist Church)

About this garden

The Peace Garden is like a little woodland in the middle of High Town.

The meadow is full of cow parsley, aquilegia and wildflowers. We're mowing paths so you can enjoy the garden and watch the meadow grow at the same time! Most meadow species thrive in nutrient-poor soil, so the cuttings are raked off and composted on site.

Nettles grow around the compost heap (an indicator plant for higher nitrogen in the soil) and we leave it as it's a feeder plant for butterflies like red admiral, small tortoiseshell, comma and painted lady.

Grassroots launch 2017

Path labyrinth in spring

Free qigong sessions

Our meeting point

What you can do here

  • Help us keep the secret roses watered - join our session and we'll show you where they are

  • Pick litter if you see any - the nearest bin is right outside

  • Close the gate if it's left open when you walk past

  • Build the new compost with us in autumn

What's growing this season


  • Sycamore trees

  • Blackberries

  • Ivy

  • Hebe

  • Primulas

  • Daffodils

  • Snowdrops

  • Cow Parsley

  • Sedum


  • Aquilegia

  • Mallow

We're still counting the plant species in this garden - contact us if you'd like to help.

What's great here

  • mature trees

  • meadow

  • great for leaf and grass cuttings compost

  • great space for a picknick

What's challenging here

  • not good for veg growing - so we've decided to stop trying

  • mowing paths needs to be kept up

  • sometimes people bring 'compost gifts' this but compost isn't really suitable for household compost

Events in the Peace Garden


Join us for the monthly Peace Garden Qigong session with trained Tai Chi leader Matthew Catlin from Stopsley Chen Tai Chi. See upcoming dates. The space is magical in the mornings, the perfect place for gentle ancient exercise.

We'd love to run more events here, yoga, maybe a storytime afternoon, an outdoor croquet morning. Have ideas? Contact us

Storytime in the Peace Garden

This July, we're planning a storytime event.