Blackberry and marzipan tart

Late summer is the time for bramble picking. Even in the urban centre of a town you'll find places where brambles give their bounty of sweet black berries freely. You won't need much fruit for this recipe, a few handfuls will be enough. It's a shallow tart rather than a filled quiche, and it couldn't be simpler to throw together. We had a great harvest this year from the bramble hedge in the High Town Peace Garden

Straight from the oven

Ready to serve

Ingredients and tools 

You'll also need: 

Shortcrust pastry

A thin layer of marzipan


Ready for the oven


Start with making the shortcrust pastry. You may have your favourite way to do this. Here's mine: 

While the dough chills out in your fridge or freezer:

Assemble and finish everything

To serve, give it a dusting of icing sugar. Enjoy!

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