Luton orchards apple juice

Come and try the first vintage of our very own Luton apple juice.

Our very own apple juice

We're pleased to introduce our first batch of Luton apple juice.

The juice is made from donated apples that have grown trees grown in private back gardens and community orchards across High Town and Round Green.

The apples were then professionally pressed and bottled, with just a little vitamin C added to stop the juice from oxidising during bottling. Made this way, it'll last up to 18 months (if you can wait that long :-).

Apple varieties we used

We took samples of the apples to local apple experts to find out what varieties they were. And we managed to identify most of them!

Apple varieties in this juice include:

  • Laxton's Superb (late Victorian Bedfordshire variety)

  • Egremont Russet (Victorian variety)

  • Worcester Pearmain (from guessed it... Worcester)

  • Bramley's Seedling (discovered 1809 in Nottinghamshire)

Where to try our apple juice

Our 2022 batch has now sold out, but we're going to get more apples pressed this year.

For a donation of £3.50, you'll be able to take one home (but stock will be limited).

To pre-order, contact Konni on

Donate your surplus apples

Do you have a tree in your garden or allotment with more apples than you can use? We'd be so grateful for your surplus. We can come and collect from anywhere within Luton.

While we're there, we may also be able to advise you on tree pruning, and for smaller trees, we might be able to offer some pruning in return for your donation.

Contact Konni on