Elderflower cordial recipe

Making elderflower cordial is easy! With a bit of patience and just 4 ingredients you can make your own. 

Each year around June, elderflower graces us with bountiful blossom in parks and woodland edges. You won't have to search far to find a tree near you. 


I've specified the ingredients for 1 kg of sugar, so it's easy to scale up. I usually make cordial with 3 kg sugar at a time. From this recipe, you'll end up with about 2 litres of the finished product. 



Day 1

Day 2

Stir a few times during the day, ensuring that the elderflower is submerged as much as possible and covered with the lemon slices. 

Day 3

Your cordial should be ready now. 

Citric acid (lemon acid)

35g citric acid per litre of water 

Dissolve everything

This might take a while

Submerge blossom

Push the blooms into the sugary syrup with a wooden spoon.

Cover with lemon slices

This helps stopping the blossom from turning brown. 

Place somewhere cool

On the floor in the coldest room you have.


Cover with a plate or lid and keep a wooden spoon handy. 


I use a colander and a muslin cloth. If you have a fine sieve, that might be enough on its own. 

Heat to 80 C

Do not let it boil. Heat it until you just about can see some tiny bubbles rising. 


I use old olive oil bottles. Make sure they're sqeaky clean. I wash and then fill with boiling water from the kettle.