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Terms and conditions

1 Our relationship with you

The relationship between us (Edible High Town) and you (the Volunteer Gardener) is that of “volunteer”. You are not an Edible High Town employee, worker, or representative.

2 Health, safety and wellbeing

You agree to follow our work and safety instructions that are based on our risk assessment. You should tell us if you notice any risks that you think have not been addressed.

2.1 Working environment

You are responsible for helping to keep yourself and others safe. To do this, you will:

  • keep your surroundings tidy, especially so that tools, waste (bagged or loose), and other items don’t form a trip or slip hazard

  • use and store any sharp equipment with care and in a way that minimises the risk of accidental injury to yourself and others

  • report any faulty or dangerous equipment to the project coordinator/gardener and refrain from using it

2.2 Equipment and power tools

We will provide you with the necessary tools and safety equipment for the gardening tasks. However:

  • bring your own gardening gloves if you can

  • wear sensible footwear and dress for the weather

  • think about bringing a hat or applying sunscreen when it's sunny

We'll inspect and maintain the tools and safety equipment before we start to work. We rarely use power tools, except for electric grass trimmers. If we do, you agree not to use any powered equipment for which you haven't been trained.

2.3 Working together and fostering good relationships

We want to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone who is involved in our activities. As a volunteer with Edible High Town, we ask you to:

  • be friendly, courteous and kind

  • treat everyone with dignity and respect

  • respect other people’s privacy and boundaries

  • communicate with others in an open and respectful way

  • be responsible and accountable in the way you carry out your role

  • not act fraudulently or dishonestly or do anything that brings, or is likely to bring, Edible High Town into disrepute

3 Liability

We will not be held liable for any loss of personal belongings, damage, cost or expense arising in any way, from negligent acts or omissions, misrepresentation or default on your part.

4 Data protection

We collect and process your personal data (including emergency contact) and relevant medical information so we can contact you to organise the sessions. We ask for your emergency contact in case of any emergencies or unforeseen events. We do not share this information with anyone.

The fact that you give us your consent is the lawful base we rely on for processing this information (Under the General Data Protection Regulation). You are able to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at

We store your personal information digitally on a password-protected server and securely in a locked filing cabinet at the project coordinator's office. We keep your information only for as long as you are an active volunteer. If we do not hear from you for a year, we will dispose of your personal information.

Our practices are in line with the Data Protection Act, 2018. To read about your rights or if you wish to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), visit You can raise any concerns or complaints you may have about our use of your personal data by contacting us at