Edward Street

Edward Street

Corner of Edward Street and Kingston Road

About this garden

Edward Street is our largest community patch with three types of composting on site.  

We garden here with our weekly volunteers and in collaboration with NOAH, St Matthew's Primary School and Richmond Hill School.

The raised beds were constructed by Penrose Roots to Recovery


Three-tier raised beds

Leaf mulch cage and compost

Basil the scarecrow (on holiday, will be back soon!)

What you can do here

What's growing this season



Herbs and flowers

What else grows here

What's great here

What's challenging here

Rainwater harvester

Collecting water

We've finally finished installing our water collector in January 2024. The original design had to be made a bit simpler, but it's working nevertheless. The collector is collecting rain ready for the summer. 

Saying that, we're always looking for watering volunteers - could it be you? 

The initial design

The original design for the rainwater harvester included a green roof cantilevered against the tree trunk. It was a lovely idea that would've filtered the water before it is going into the tank. It was just too hard to put into practice, and attaching it to the tree would've brought additional challenges.