How we compost

You'll find different types of composting methods across our sites, and different piles are used differently. Generally they fall into one of 3 categories.

Add-as-it-comes piles

This is usually how we use the plastic composters. As long as materials are cut small and mixed well, we can keep adding.

Build-in-one-go piles

We have 2 of these piles - one in the Peace Garden to make use of all the leaf mulch, and one on Edward Street. Once they're assembled, they're no longer added to.

Store-in-between piles

During the season, we store composting materials we'll use later to assemble piles. There's a great leaf cage on Edward Street that stores the swimming pool sized amount of leaves we get in autumn, ready to be mixed up with other materials as needed.

Golden rules for composting

1 - No meat, nothing cooked

2 - Make it small

3 - Mix it up

3 - Give it air and let the rain in

Compost from the professionals

We make some, but not all, of our own compost. We've been lucky to receive a donation from the professional composters. Material Change near Bedford compost the stuff from Luton Council's brown bin collection - so your garden waste.