Wenlock Street

At the junction of Wenlock and Dudley Streets - directly at the roundabout

About this garden

Brick-built raised planter divided into four sections by a crossed path.

  • seen by lots of people from their windows

  • good drainage

  • shady for half the day, baking hot for the other half

  • no water source close by (yet)

Pollinator and potato patch

Laying the cross-paths

Young lavender

Waiting for broad beans

What you can do here

  • Join our weekly sessions

  • Water, water, water - this patch gets very dry in summer

  • Keep an eye on rubbish dumping around the site and report fly-tipping and littering

What's growing this season


  • Rhubarb

  • Strawberries


  • Broad Beans

  • Potatoes

  • Runner beans (to come)

  • Sweetcorn (to come)

Herbs and flowers

  • Foxgloves

  • Evening primrose

  • Lavender

  • Calendula


This was an abandoned plot of land. years ago it used to belong to one of the houses but was for some reason divided off. An accident on the roundabout destroyed the wall and part of the property behind (you can still see a big plywood board hiding some damage).


In 2019, Luton council repaired the wall. Two tonnes of donated compost later, this is becoming a productive garden. In 2022, we laid paths to for easy access and to avoid compacting the soil. It also looks nice, what do you think? A handy volunteer built a beautiful composting/tidy box from pallet wood.

Longer-term plans

Water butts

We'd love to work with Albion Court residents to install a number of water butts so we can fill up our watering cans.

Watch this space.