People's Park Orchard

People's Park Community Orchard

To the east of the green flag, near Arden Place flats/Havelock Road.

Why is there an orchard in People's Park? 

On 8 December 2019, kick-started by Orchards East, a collaborative project working to get more people excited about orchards, volunteers planted 20 apple, pear and plum trees in the north west corner of Bell’s Close, People’s Park. In 2022, the Luton Peace Garden initiative added 7 trees at the lower end of the orchard. All planting was done with the help of Luton Council’s Parks and Countryside Service.

Who cares for the trees?

Edible High Town and Friends of People’s Park volunteers look after the orchard with the help of Luton Council. We've trained in orchard pruning with Bob Lever and Sal Wileman to make sure we know what we're doing! And we’re always looking for new volunteers! 

What needs doing?

What's challenging here?


In the dry summer of 2022 (see photo), thanks to the layer of mulch, we only had to water the older trees once, the younger trees at the bottom had to be watered more frequently. 


The trees suffer the odd breakage, where branches are ripped off. We do the best we can to minimise damage by careful pruning, and by keeping the fencing in good repair. 


Young fruit trees can struggle with competition, especially from grasses. We keep the bases grass free to help the tree get the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. 

Trees in this orchard - cultival list

Apples (Malus)

Planted in December 2019:

Planted in winter 2022

Pears (Pyrus)

Planted in December 2019:

Plums (Prunus)

Planted in December 2019:

Information board

Thank you to R. Dubmleton Fullelove for the design of our information board.